‘COVID toes’ on kids and how to spot them



‘COVID toes’ on kids and how to spot them

A national child health surveillance program is warning doctors and parents about skin changes on children’s feet or hands as a possible sign of COVID-19 infection.

So-called “COVID toes” manifest as bluish-red and purple discolouration found on the toes and fingers. The lesions may look like frostbite, and can be painful and warm to the touch, a pediatric emergency physician told CTV News Channel.

“Some children will have just this rash, some kids will have the rash accompanied by other COVID symptoms like runny nose, cough or fever or belly aches, vomiting or diarrhea,” Dr. Dina Kulik said.

Experts say the skin lesions may be caused by small blood clots forming in veins not normally affected by critical illnesses.



Source: CTV news April 29, 2020