Ann’s Corner – Bean Booklets, Art, and Planting

Welcome to Ann’s Creative Corner! Please enjoy my Crafts, Science, Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Food Project’s that you can do at home with your Families! Please enjoy time this time with your loved ones!

Project One: Bean Booklets, Art and Planting:

  • Please place Bean Seeds into wet paper towels and keep moist for at least 4 days. Beans should begin to sprout in the paper towels.
  • Starting with the introduction of the sequencing pages of bean growth and planting, introduce the stages of the bean. These pages can be cut and sequenced onto paper and then coloured to the various likes of the children. Please leave room for creativity as children choose their own colours and may or may not stay in the lines. It is fine to do it their way so leave it open-ended.
  • For younger children, the bean shaped paper to glue onto construction paper is better as it is simple. Colouring or tissue paper gluing is good for the younger toddlers or those whom wish to do that as well.
  • Planting: Get some small pots or cups (any cup will do even such as the Plastic containers from any sort of Recycle plastic – small Fruit Cups work well) Using Seed Started Soil, have the children and yourself scoop the soil into the pots with their hands. This is completely safe to do and a great tactile experience. Place a few Sprouted Bean Seeds into the small starter pot. Give them water and place by a light window indoors to start.
  • When the bean plant starts to grow (make sure you keep it moist with water) watch the growth. When fairly large, it can be transferred into a larger pot for your patio or placed directly into the Garden.
  • Have fun! And watch the beans grow!



Download the PDF here: Ann’s Corner – Bean Booklets, Art, and Planting project PDF