Ann’s Corner – Project 6: Hearts of Love

March 31, 2020

Ann’s Corner: Project  Six: Hearts of Love

  • Using various sizes and colours of Heart Shapes, glue onto paper.
  • Decorate individual large hearts with drawing, tissue paper sparkles.
  • Paint them……… Use Glitter Glue for “paint” It is nice for the younger and older children to see the sparkles.
  • Make hearts of Cellophane and coloured see-through paper.
  • Add paper Doilies.
  • Older children can cut out the hearts themselves simply by folding the paper in half and cutting a semi teardrop shape on the fold.
  • Hearts can be traced onto paper.
  • Cut on the lines.
  • Younger children and toddlers may be able to “Snip” paper and add various shapes to their hearts.
  • Explore and be creative. Be Free and let the children do it their way. I it the “Process not the Product”
  • Place your window for Love and Hope!


Download this project here

Ann’s Corner: Project 6 Hearts