Ann’s Corner – Project 5 :Balls, Kite, Hoops and Nature Walk

March 30, 2020

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Ann’s Corner -Project 5 :Nature, balls, hoops

Project #5

Balls, Kite, Hoops and Nature Walk:

  • Gather your Friends and Family for some outdoor fun!
  • Bring balls, kites, baskets, tongs, and maybe some “Spy” coloured paddles.
  • Take a nature walk. Gather natural Items with the tongs and place in Baskets. Be aware of each child and safe items to take.
  • Observe nature; look up, down and all around. What can you see in the sky, on land, in the distance, on the river, beyond the river……
  • Close your eyes. What do you hear?
  • Go to the fields, throw and catch balls. Jump through hoop. Throw balls through hoop. Fly a kite or “Drag” it 😉
  • Upon return, take a look at what we found. Discuss the items. Place item in a design shape maybe…….. Use items in art work, place on a science table, observe the items as the days pass. What happens to them? If flowers, place in water jars.
  • Read Stories of Outdoor sports and other outdoor natural activities.
  • If you do not have anything to bring that is fine too as Sticks, stones, leaves and other natural items can be used to play with.
  • Make up games, could be just jumping, hopping, skipping etc.
  • Enjoy what the Outdoors brings!