Ann’s Corner – Project 3 Parachute Fun

Project Three: Parachute Fun!

  • Using a Parachute or large thin Sheet, gather Family and Friends together to hole a section of the Parachute or sheet.
  • With an up and down motion, lift the parachute up and down catching the breeze.
  • Try placing light weight Balls such as the light plastic balls used in ball tents. Lift and drop. Watch the balls bounce and fall. Another idea is to place a light weight Stuffed Animal on top and watch it fly!
  • Going up and under. As the parachute is lifting, children and adults can go into the middle as the parachute falls on top of them.
  • Another idea is to go round and round in a circular motion holding onto Parachute or Sheet. Singing along with the song “Make a Circle” would be fun too. Simple song: “Make a Circle, make a circle, make a circle big and round; Make a circle, make a circle, make a circle nice and small (going into the middle)” You can make it tall, short, small, big, or anything else you can think of.
  • Playing “Duck, Duck Goose” around the Parachute for a boundary is also an idea. One child goes around the parachute and says Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck….. then Goose and taps someone on the head. Then the person tapped must chase the Duck who was the tapper. Run till you find a vacant spot in the Circle to sit. Continue till all people have had a turn.

Enjoy the Parachute/Sheet Fun!


Download the PDF here: Ann’s Corner-Project 3 Parachute fun PDF