Ann’s Corner – Project 2 Construction Walk

Project Two: Construction Zone and Walk:

  • Collect any size and shape of large and small boxes. Card Board Boxes, Shipping Boxes, Shoe boxes, Cereal Boxes. Large Appliance Boxes are great too!!! Light Weight Blankets as well.
  • Place in an open area inside or outside. Boxes can be stacked, Lined Up, Cut Holes for Windows, Cardboard for Roofing, Blankets for Roofing.
  • Be creative, build them, knock them over, make houses, go inside, bring snacks inside for a small snack time, create a “Yard” outside the Structures.
  • Review some Safety Signs if you have some. Talk about what they mean. Have a Children’s Book on hand with Safety Signs in it to discuss
  • Take a “Construction Walk” in the neighbourhood. Observe the Signage posted in various areas such as “Do Not Enter”, “Construction Zone”, “Danger”, “First Aid” and more.
  • Take care and inform group of safety hazards within the walk and also safety of Street Crossings.
  • Upon returning, have a healthy snack and discuss what we saw.
  • Follow this with a “Story Time”. Choose books that relate to Construction Vehicles, Tools, Road Crossings, Traffic Lights and Safety.
  • Art Projects could be things such as Colouring Tool Shapes.

Download the PDF here: Ann’s Corner – Project 2 Construction Walk PDF