Ann’s Corner – Project 4 smoothies

Project Number Four: Smoothies


  • Gather some fresh fruit such as strawberries, bananas, kiwis. Wash thoroughly. And prepare by peeling anything that needs peeling.
  • On individual cutting Boards, use butter knives (not sharp for children). The participants can each cut their own fruit.
  • Place in Blender with some Juice to taste (A Tropical or Fruit Punch is best) Each Smoothie Should be made individually to save from spreading Germs!
  • Blend and pour out the Delicious Smoothie.
  • Another ingredient/s could be adding some milk or any spices you think would be flavourful.
  • Alternatively a Veggie Smoother could be made using soft vegetables like tomatoes, squash etc. and blend with Vegetable Juice or Tomato Juice.

Please note to avoid spreading Germs, each person can handle their own fruits and vegetables and enjoy their own personal Drink. This is very critical at this time that all hands, fruits, veggies, utensils and blender are washed thoroughly after each individual use.